"...I feel like I'm destined for something bigger. So I can't stop, right?"
Charo Flores is a hyperactive teen with the dream to be a hero. Bonus if it's a magical hero too. So when her attention is drawn to a tiny hairpin, Charo's dream may very well come true.

Profile Edit

Charo is the first one to discover her destiny. An ordinary day, Charo was passing by a stall on her way to school, when a cute little daffodil hair pin caught her attention randomly, unknown to her that it was the power hidden inside that was calling her.

She eagerly accepts her duty to protect her city, going with the flow and doing her best at all costs.

Charo is a loud girl, playful and is always willing to start a new adventure. She refuses to go anywhere without her ‘sunshine shoes’.

Using her hair pin, she becomes ‘Dame Daffodil’, a name she came up with herself and refuses to go by anything else.

Appearance Edit

Charo is a short girl, who is slightly pudgy. She has big brown eyes, with medium length brown hair that is usually in an up-do. She is the shortest in her group of friends at 5"1'.

Relationships Edit

Anselmo Edit

Charo’s reluctant older brother. Anselmo, or commonly called ‘Momo’ by his sister. They have a strong bond and have relied on each since they were little. They would do anything to keep the other safe. Charo is one of the few people who can make him smile.

Alesea Edit

Alesea is a year higher in school compared to Charo, but the two are inseparable, thanks to living in the same building. She is a gentle soul who is rather quiet and soft spoken. Alesea is the most precious person in her life, and Charo makes it her goal to support and love Alesea forever.