"...How am I meant to help you? I'm just me. (...) But I'm not a fighter! I'm not brave like you!"

Profile Edit

Alesea Ridley is a year higher in school compared to Charo Flores. She is a gentle soul who is rather quite at school and soft spoken. Alesea was with Charo when the other girl found the hair clip, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later that Alesea received the ‘Lily Ring’.

She rather not fight, so she uses her abilities as Lady Lily to restrain the monsters instead, giving Charo the chance to fight.

Alesea is the second one to join the team and her encouragement keeps them together.

Appearance Edit

Alesea is a slim girl with medium blonde hair which she usually wears down, and bright green eyes. She considers herself lanky thanks to her slim figure and her height of 5"9'.

Relationships Edit

Charo === Alesea and Charo are girlfriends who care for each other more than anyone else. Alesea is inspired by Charo and is a constant inspiration to Alesea. She hopes to spend forever with Charo, not only as her partner, but as her best friend and some who can stand beside her as an equal. Even if Charo already thinks they are equal.

Anselmo Edit

Charo’s older brother. Anselmo and Alesea have a close bond, and see each other as a honorary sibling.